Five of us attended the June 29 meeting of the  
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
in Oklahoma City.

At the meeting each of the presidents (or their
representatives) of the twenty five public colleges
and universities in Oklahoma gave a brief report of
their institution's financial and budgetary situation.

As reported by Brian Hardzinski for KGOU, University of Central Oklahoma President Don Betz noted:

"[A] lack of resources and funds have gotten to the point of 'national embarrassment.'
'A very prominent business person in our state, after understanding the numbers, turned to me the other day  
and said, 'You know we're eating our seed corn...we're throwing our people to the wind,' Betz said. 'I didn't get
involved in higher education in Oklahoma 46 years ago to watch the seed corn not multiply or throw our
people to the wind.'"

"After Wednesday's meeting, UCO President Don Betz said the shift in the higher education burden from the
states to the schools shows an inability to identify priorities, and that continuing to cut from higher education
would eventually lead to a system that's no longer sustainable."
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