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The Affordable Care Act, Adjuncts, AAUP and Southeastern Oklahoma State University

by Carolyn A. Fridley, MBS
Adjunct Instructor, Department of English, Humanities and Languages
Secretary, SE Chapter of the AAUP (posted on 2-1-2015)

The video AAUP Impact, which was produced by William and Carolyn Fridley at the 2014 AAUP Summer  
Institute at Hofstra University, has garnered some national attention.

  • First, at the request of the AAUP publicity committee, the video was included on the AAUP National website
to promote the Summer Institute.

  • Then, on January 29, AAUP National announced the location of its 2015 Summer Institute--Denver,  
Colorado--by sending an email to every AAUP member in the United States with a link to the video!
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