At the 105th Annual Meeting of the
AAUP, the membership voted to
approve constitutional amendments
for major changes in the Association’s
organizational structure. In a surprise
move, a proportional vote was called
for from the floor. We were told this
was done for the first time since the
1960s. Fortunately, Carolyn was
credentialed as a Chapter Delegate
and was able to cast 24 votes in favor
of the motion on behalf of our Chapter!
2019 Annual Meeting in
Arlington, VA
At the Business Meeting of the Assembly of
State Conferences, Carolyn gave an
outstanding presentation about the AAUP
Regional Event ORGANIZE! that was hosted
by our chapter in March. The excellent work
of our chapter continues to gain favorable
attention in the AAUP on a national level!
Thank you to Carolyn and to our chapter for
six years of successful events!!

We are the AAUP!!!

Carolyn and William attended several excellent
sessions at the AAUP Annual Conference. Our
favorite was the opening plenary session "The
Future of Academic Freedom," a panel discussion of
Henry Reichman's new book.

The panel was composed of non-faculty. Patricia
McGuire, President of Trinity Washington University
urged university presidents to sincerely speak to the
issues of our times, and reminded us that faculty and
administrators are part of the same academic
enterprise, to the degree that we share the same
academic values.

Frederick Lawrence (Phi Beta Kappa) was
outstanding, and we had the pleasure of a brief
conversation with the former president of Brandeis.
Founded in January, 2012
Working on the
AAUP Mission
"Communication is not an announcement.  
It is an invitation to participation."  
John Dewey

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