2019 AAUP Regional Event
Organizing in the 1960s & 70s
Wayne Lanter, Emeritus, Southwest Illinois College
Jesse Snowden, Emeritus, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Moderator: Karl Frinkle, Professor of Mathematics, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Jesse's Introduction
Wayne's Introduction
Wayne brought copies of Defending the Citadel and donated the
proceeds to our Chapter.  All copies went fast!  Thank you, Wayne!

Defending the Citadel: Confronting Corporate Management and
Corruption in an Illinois Community College, a Personal Narrative

A personal narrative of the groundbreaking organizing and activism
by AAUP faculty at a community college in Illinois.

From AAUP Website,
Timeline of the First 100 Years:
1967--In a development of which the national AAUP is initially
unaware, faculty members at Belleville Area College (now
Southwestern Illinois College) vote to designate their chapter as
their exclusive representative in bargaining, making it the first
AAUP collective bargaining chapter.

See also:  
How Did We Get Here? The AAUP's evolving emphasis on
collective bargaining, by Ernst Benjamin
A Remarkable One-of-a-Kind Session!
"Communication is not an announcement.  
It is an invitation to participation."  
John Dewey
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AAUP SE Chapter President
Carolyn Fridley
Photos by
Stan Alluisi