Dan, Carolyn, and William participated in the 2018 AAUP   
  Summer Institute at the University of New Hampshire.  
This was Dan's first Summer Institute and the fifth for
Carolyn and William.  As always, a fantastic experience.  
If at all possible, attend in 2019!  Rumor has it
  that the location will be Albuquerque.  
Fixin' to cruise with Jacque Hocking of
UCO, and Secretary of the Oklahoma
AAUP Conference. It was Jacque's first
AAUP Summer Institute, and she was
awarded a scholarship from the Assembly
of State Conferences. Welcome aboard
  AAUP Summer Institute at the University of New   
  Hampshire with Aaron Nisenson (AAUP Senior
  Counsel), and Risa Lieberwitz (AAUP General Counsel,
  Cornell). An excellent session! "Legal Update: Dealing
  with Tumultuous Times."
Participated in a fantastic workshop "Story of Self:
How Public Narrative Can Build Membership and
Community" this morning at the AAUP Summer
Institute. Led by Deborah Herman (Pivot Consulting
& Coaching) and Phoebe Reeves (University of
PowerPoint,  Suggested Readings
 Plenary session, Friday, July 20: "Fighting back against targeted faculty
 harassment" - AAUP Summer Institute, Durham, New Hampshire (L-R: Kyle
 Rudick, U of Northern Iowa; Johnny Williams, Trinity College; Hank
 Reichman, Cal State-East Bay; Julia Schleck, U of Nebraska-Lincoln; Shannon
 K. Freire, U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)