2018 AAUP Regional Event
Values and the University: Academic Freedom and Shared Governance
  Held March 9 and 10 at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Our fifth annual event was a great success: largest attendance, faculty
from 11 colleges and universities and four states!  
The event also led to the founding of an AAUP chapter at ECU!
Rachel Buff, Keynote Speaker
Professor of History, University of
Letter from Wisconsin: AAUP in a
Time of Crisis
John Covaleskie, Guest Speaker
Professor Emeritus, Northern
Michigan University, and OU
Safe Zones, Trigger Warnings and
Academic Freedom
Jesse Snowden, Guest Speaker
Vice President for Academic
Affairs, Emeritus (SE)
The Wisdom of Henry Rosovsky
Neil Houser, Guest Speaker
Professor of Education,
University of Oklahoma
Revisiting Robert Pirsig's
Church of Reason
Christala Smith, Invited Speaker
Director of CIDT (SE)
Are We Going Phoenix?
Panel Discussion
Values, Pedagogy, and Accelerated Online Programs
Carolyn Fridley (moderater), Meg
Cotter-Lynch, Brett Elliot, Christala Smith, Tim
Boatmun (not pictured)
Friday, March 9 Panel Discussion
Values and the University
Carolyn Fridley (moderator), Neil
Houser, Dan Althoff, Randy Prus, John
Covaleskie, Rachel Buff, and Bryon
Clark (not pictured)
Dan Althoff, Presenter
Professor of Spanish,
Whose Values, Whose University?
Rachel Tudor, Presenter
Independent Scholar
The Faculty Appellate Committee's
Role in Assuring Equity in Academic
Freedom and Shared Governance
David Duty and Jacque Hocking, Co-Presenters
Lecturers, Department of Mass Communication (UCO)
Why Don't You Say What You Mean: Using Couples
Communication and Negotiation Skills in Shared
Jim Vander Putten, Presenter
Associate Professor of Higher Education,
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
From McCarthyism to Trump: Historical
Faculty Views of Subversive Activities
Previous Events

Money, Power, and the
Common Good

Public Perception of the

The Centennial Year: A
Historical Look at AAUP

The Future of College
and University Teaching
John Wood, Presenter
Associate Professor of Public
Administration (UCO)
Guns on Campus & Academic Freedom
"Communication is not an
announcement.  It is an invitation to
participation."  John Dewey

You are invited!  Contact AAUP SE
Chapter President
Carolyn Fridley.