The Southeastern Oklahoma State
University Chapter of the AAUP was
founded in January of 2012.
We are working on fulfilling the
AAUP Mission
What Does AAUP Really Do?
Join the AAUP!
We Are Hosting a Statewide AAUP Event on March 24th and 25th, 2017
at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

The University: Money, Power, and the Common Good

Adam David Roth
The Harrington School of Communication and Media, The University of Rhode Island

Sonya Hester, Harolyn Wilson, Joslin Pickens
Southern University Shreveport-Louisiana
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Mark your calendars, Save the date, Attend the event!
Contact AAUP Chapter President Carolyn Fridley
On November 14, 2016, members of our
chapter met with Regional University System
of Oklahoma (RUSO) Regent Amy Ford.  We
presented her with a copy of the AAUP
Redbook.  An excellent meeting and
                                Join the AAUP
 Joining the AAUP says that you’re concerned about academic freedom,
 and how that basic freedom protects your teaching and research. It
says that participating in faculty governance is important to you, and
that you are concerned about career issues, tenure, and the overuse
of contingent appointments. By joining the AAUP, you help shape the
 future of our profession.  In addition, there are practical benefits such
 as discounts, insurance programs, and a subscription to Academe,
 including the annual report on faculty compensation.
RUSO Meetings
February 17, 2017, Oklahoma City
April 7, 2017,
                       AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF
                         UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS                  
    Advancing academic freedom and shared governance;
 defining professional values and standards; promoting the
 economic security of those who teach and research in
 higher education; organizing to make our goals a reality;
and ensuring higher education's contribution to the
common good.
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Oklahoma Legislators
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   Are We Going Phoenix?
   Christala Smith
   February 7, 2017
Statewide AAUP Event at SE
March 5, 2016
Public Perception of the
Professoriate, the University and the
Common Good

Greg Loving, University of

AAUP Oklahoma State Conference
2015 Annual Meeting
Saturday, April 11
The Centennial Year: A Historical Look at AAUP
Principles and the Future of University Teaching
Keynote Speaker: Irene Mulvey,  
Fairfield University (Connecticut)
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